Looking for a fascinating presentation to dazzle and motivate your audience? Brad Ball is a memory expert and an award winning speaker  with a unique presentation that is insightful and highly entertaining.  His message ties together historical events through a personal narrative that touches on memories, milestones, and even pop culture moments to which we can all relate – from the September 11th attacks and OJ Simpson Trial, to the Wright Brothers first flight and the introduction of the Apple Ipod. Brad’s uncanny memory, conversational humor, and skillful storytelling will motivate and captivate your crowd!

Organizations hire Brad as a motivational speaker as he unlocks the importance of autobiographical memory and discusses how it impacts our daily life, our family, and even our career (or business). Those in attendance are taken on a nostalgic journey that will have them reflecting on their past in a unique and powerful way.  Through this journey, Brad touches on the subjects of optimism, gratitude, relationships, and the way we perceive time.

Brad’s presentation will entertain and enlighten your audience with his unique content.  Participants walk away with armed with an optimistic view of the future and tangible takeaways on how they can learn from their own history to make better personal and professional decisions.

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Brad Ball is a autobiographical memory expert and keeper of one of the most prolific personal diaries on the planet!  As a teenager in the early 1990’s, Brad started documenting his daily life – and he never stopped! Continuing for over 20 years without ever missing a day (and still going), Brad has written endlessly about the friendships, relationships, and lessons he has learned along the way.  An expert on digital documentation, Brad shares remarkable insights on how our past impacts our decision making, outlook on life, and our perception of time.

As a byproduct of documenting his daily life, Brad has developed an extraordinary autobiographical memory, enabling him to remember specific dates and events with incredible accuracy and ease.  Leveraging his memory, his vast library of content, and his unique perspective as someone who has logged literally every event of his life since he was 16, Brad has codified some simple, yet remarkable tactics for personal development and self-improvement that are relevant to almost any audience. His message is completely fresh and links together the concepts of time, memory, optimism, gratitude, and laughter. Brad’s presentation is enlightening, motivating, well-researched, and resonates with individuals young and old who, after hearing Brad’s message, often remark “I never thought of it that way.”

Brad has lived all over the country and currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife and children. He holds a MBA with an emphasis in Marketing and has worked as a small business executive. Currently he works as an international sales manager for a multinational corporation focused on technology.  In his spare time he enjoys snow skiing, racquetball, traveling, stand-up comedy, watching college football, and hiking the Wasatch Mountains with his kids.



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